Fiji FunI discovered my love for art in sixth grade when the art teacher brought in mixed media and tools to make small sculptures.  I forgot about time and lunch.  I was hooked.  About this time, my fascination of archeology also started.  A hint of what lies beneath the surface – discovery among the layers.  I find that art and archeology continue to meet up in my work.  Fortunately,  I had a wonderful Art teacher in high school.  She was instrumental in me enjoying the artistic process all the more.  I went on to earn my Bachelors of Arts degree in Art at California State University, Long Beach.

Observing the natural world, we see that light shines through many transparent layers.   In my work, I use liquid acrylic.   The process of building each piece with many transparent layers takes time.  This allows light to stream into the piece at every angle, allowing visual depth, color variation and movement.  Because I live near the ocean, water makes its appearance in much of my work.  It’s always moving, always changing.

My Light and Life series is high monochrome texture setting the stage and rich color is the main “voice” telling a story.  I enjoy watching the conversation between them take place and evolve — it never gets boring. People ask me how I know when a painting is finished. It’s when I can sit back and enjoy the conversation, the story.  It’s like I’m seeing the finished piece for the first time and it brings me joy.

Beauty is something deemed by the beholder.  Beauty is not a luxury,  but a necessity in life. A salve to the soul. It calls to us so deeply. Things are always changing in nature and in our everyday life.  If we take time to look, we will see the beauty in every stage.

Kathy is a San Diego artist.

Kathy Johnson Studio gives back.  Being grateful for what we have and  helping those that are less fortunate, adds joy to life.

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