B:W headshotI discovered my love for art in sixth grade when the art teacher brought in mixed media and tools to make small sculptures.  I forgot about time and lunch.  I was hooked.  My fascination of archeology also started at this time.  A hint of what lies beneath the surface – discovery among the layers.  I find that art and archeology continue to meet up in my work.   After learning more from a wonderful art teacher in high school, I went on to earn my Bachelors of Arts degree in Art at California State University, Long Beach.

My experiences with people and what I see in my environment inspire my choice of color and texture in my paintings.  The world is always moving, always changing.  The artistic process is a balance of science and intuition.  There are natural laws governing how colors work together along with weight, and position. The application process is unique to each artist. I enjoy the physicality of expressing with layers of color with paint, oil crayon, graphite, and transparent glazes showing marks and painterly gestures.

I enjoy watching the dynamic take place and evolve on the canvas – it never gets boring. In most paintings there is a point of happy accidents – an unintended movement of the brush or tool adds or subtracts an element, changing the direction.  I enjoy the element of whimsy as my landscapes develop. People ask me how I know when a painting is finished. It’s when I can sit back and enjoy the story – it’s like I’m seeing the finished piece for the first time and it brings me joy and wonder.

All of my pieces are originals. 1/1.
Every person has a unique story, because we are all unique. When someone selects particular piece of artwork for their space, they are adding it as a visual element to their one-of-a-kind story.  Something about the piece resonates with the narrative of their life or perhaps the new direction they want to go, a form of communication to themselves and to those who enter.

Beauty is something deemed by the beholder.  Beauty is not a luxury,  but a necessity in life. A salve to the soul. It calls to us so deeply. Things are always changing in nature and in our everyday life.  If we take time to look, we will see the beauty in every stage.

Kathy is a coastal San Diego artist.

Kathy Johnson Studio gives back.  Being grateful for what we have and helping those that are less fortunate, adds joy to life.

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